Aug 13, 2015

My first bikini comp... at age 45!


My husband retired last year.... 22 years in the USMC. He was offered a job in Tampa and we are finally enjoying the sunshine!

Before we left, I competed at the NPC Pittsburg IN BIKINI!!! At 45! It was a grueling prep, with less protein, more glute work, overall great experience. I really liked how I looked here, more than any other show (20+ in the last 15 years) I've done, or any division I've ever tried.

Now I'm on a mission to find a job! I'm hoping to find a nice private, small place that I can work with small groups. I miss all my past clients and I hope you are ALL still striving to make healthy eating and working out your LIFESTYLE! XO

Feb 8, 2014

See everyday as Friday...

Today was Friday. I got up much more motivated to have a great day. I made the boys lunches and breakfast with MUCH more enthusiasm. After they left for school, I went to a spin class (which is a rare occurrence for me) and really pushed myself. Lungs BURNING! I ate well, prepped food for lunch and mid afternoon, and now am adding a blog post (something that is ALSO unfortunately a rare occurrence for me). I'm looking forward to this evening, just hanging out with family.

So why can't I make EVERYDAY Friday? Why cant I "reason" my brain into seeing everyday like today? What could the possibilities be? I'd be much more productive, and a much better mom and wife.

It's simple PERCEPTION. I believe Fridays have this magical LIFT about them, so the whole day seems so much "better"? What our brain perceives, we believe.

What if you told yourself, you were WORTH treating well? You deserved to take care of yourself. Eating healthy WASNT hard or time consuming, but WORTH it? Getting a workout in, a yoga class, a long walk with your significant other is good for your body AND mind. Worth the time and effort.

What if we stopped talking to ourselves in such negative ways? "I'm so fat and lazy right now. What is wrong with me? Why cant I get my butt to the gym? Why do I always fail on this diet?" As I sit here, in early February, waiting for my MOJO to kick in, this day has been a blessed eye-opener for me. How fortunate I am to have a Friday like this. How I will try to see EVERYDAY as Friday from now on.

Thats my goal for 2014. It's only taken me 37 days to figure it out, lol!  Hope your year has started out, all that you wanted it to be, and you PERCEIVE all the blessing you have. Make the time for yourself starting today~

Aug 19, 2013

2 months post show.... finding BALANCE!

So here I sit, back to my "normal" body weight/size/bodyfat. Some days I have to REALLY focus on the fact that it's OK to not be in contest shape all the time. It's actually NOT possible. Finding balance in the day to day diet and workout routine is tough for me right after a show. I find myself still trying to eat egg whites for breakfast.... and wanting to go back to the gym a SECOND time at night.... hoping my butt will stay tighter just a little longer....

But in my logical mind, I know that I can add yogurt, fruit or a wrap with those eggs, and still be ok. I can go for a walk with my boys, or throw the baseball at night instead of climbing the dreaded stepper. And yes, my butt jiggles when I jump today.

I tell my clients "If you cannot eat or train the way you are today, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, then you are on the wrong program.

Fitness is a lifestyle. Healthy eating is a lifestyle. I'm 43 and pretty sure that I've figured it out, but still struggle with my emotional brain at times. I slip up, but am pretty darn good most of the time.

It's ok. No one is perfect and no one eats perfect 100% of the time. When you see those people or trainers telling you that you CANT have a donut, run the other way! Create your own balance, learn to enjoy it, and live your life!

I'm going to go figure out what's for lunch :)

Jul 11, 2013

Competition RESULTS

I had both my competitions over the last 3 weeks. My warm up show in Media PA, I took second. It gave me a great idea of WHAT I needed to tweak for my big show.... in NJ. At this show (Team Universe) I was in a class of 15 women, all over the age of 40. I came in 7th. These older women are tough! I felt great, it was the best i've ever looked.

Top 5 from Media PA show.....

Here are my before and after pics. The pic on the left was from two years ago..... the right was from Team Universe. 

Jun 14, 2013

3 weeks out~

Oh I'm such a bad blogger..... lol! I cant seem to keep up, but here goes...

I'm currently 3 weeks out from Team universe. I decided to do Figure here, because they have an OVER 40 category! This makes me very happy. So I'll be in a group of 40 somethings... not 30's!

I started prepping 12 weeks, but only cleaned up my diet 100% in the last 6. Although, I've been doing some heavy REFEEDS/CHEATS with amazing success. It's weird....

I want to call it CALORIE CYCLING. There are people who carb cycle or fat cycle (do 2-3 low days followed by 1-2 high days... to keep the body guessing). Well my style the last 4 weeks has been to basically do 2 pretty low cal days (1500) followed by 3 that are slightly higher in FAT (1750) followed by 2 crazy HIGH days (couldn't even begin to estimate... maybe 3000ish?) Every week, for the last 4 weeks, i've continued to drop a pound by doing the above. I love the results and it's something that works for ME.

AFTER 13 years of competing, trying 3-4 different prep coaches, figuring out MY body and how it responds... the above seems to be my happy place. I dont feel like I'm "missing out" on any foods I really like. I have them at least once a weekend. The only thing I truly miss is my Wine (that's for another blog day).

I'm about 2-3 lbs away from where I normally compete pretty shredded. my glutes are still soft, there's still some body fat there. I'm not HATING them, but they could be leaner. 3 more weeks should do it.

i've also been working on my waist line. I'm not going to say HOW just yet, until I see the "after" pics on show day.

Thanks for checking in. I'm a slacker-blogger but if you ever email me, i will PROMISE to get right back with you.

Make your day GREAT!

Oct 10, 2012


If you are checking my blog for more info, I wanted to post pics from some of my clients over the last couple years. I love "transforming" people thru training AND DIET. If you would like to get started, pls email me at: and I'll give you more details. Thank you!